Hotel Trevi is a veritable institution in the panorama of Hotel services of the capital. Finding a structure that grants such a high standard of quality, in full city-centre of Rome, at only 50 metres distance from the Trevi Fountain, is rare and surprising.

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A brand of Italian excellence

The structure is fitted with both internal rooms, located in the main structure, which houses the hall, with external suites and guest houses, scattered around the adjacent buildings. Different solutions but all invariably offer the same impeccable elegance and the same taste for style which distinguish this Hotel like a brand of Italian excellence. The characteristic wood-beamed ceilings give off a certain ancient and typical of Rome. A traditional touch valued by the modern design of the modern furniture: essential lines, LED lighting, neutral chromatisms which bring out the natural motifs of wood and stone. Some contemporary decorative details do nothing more than add a cunning counterpoint of colour to the aesthetic of the rooms. The concept of “comfort” isn’t an abstract idea at the Trevi, on the contrary it is palpable and perceivable in every room. In the external guest houses, all well marked by elegant lighted plaques, a touch of luxury is added to the design and delicacy, an unexpected spaciousness and details which only add praise to a Hotel already classified in the highest ranks.

Double or Twin Room