in the hearth of Rome

Hotel Trevi

The anachronistic beauty of a historic hotel


Surrounded by the most celebrated attractions of the capital
An historic building dating to the 1600

Fresh and modern lines

Rooms which add the praiseworthy elegance of modern design to the atmosphere of the historic buildings of Rome. Rooms, spacious guest houses and luxurious suites: the charm of the Italian style, every comfort you could desire, the assured quality of the Trevi brand.
Hotel Trevi is much more that a holiday in Rome’s city-centre: Hotel Trevi is living Rome’s city-centre
With just a brief walk one can easily reach the Spanish Steps and the Terrazza del Pincio, which offers a breathtaking view over Piazza del Popolo and the city skyline. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel one can find the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the whole constellation of churches and basilicas that dot the historic city-centre. Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, San Ignazio Loyola, San Carlo alle quattro Fontane: all of them precious jewels of art and architecture, part of the rich cultural and spiritual heredity of Italy. Heading south you may easily come across piazza Venezia, admire the magnificence of the Altare della patria, immerse yourself in the suggestive frame of the Imperial forums and be amazed at the majesty of the Colosseum. if instead you would prefer to go shopping, via Frattina and the most importing streets for shopping are just behind the corner. All just a few steps away from hotel Trevi, in Rome’s city-centre, where all roads converge. Sleep comfortably under a typical wood-beamed ceiling; have breakfast surrounded by a panoramic view of the roofs and alleys of the eternal city; easily reach every location of artistic and cultural interest, the streets for shopping and high fashion…Hotel Trevi is much more that a holiday in Rome’s city-centre: hotel trevi is living Rome’s city-centre, it’s alleys, it’s perfumes and it’s seductive promises.


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